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                                                                                       I was drawn to music from an early age.   As a child I felt a very soulful connection to beautiful melodies sung by beautiful voices.  It all started with my parents really, my mother  yodelling Edie Arnold  and Wilf Carter tunes in  the kitchen, and my father in his office crooning along with Sinatra or listening to trumpet players, Ray Anthony and Miles Davis. There was always music in our house and although my parents were not players, they taught me how to really listen to and appreciate good music.

My coming of age was with the emerging female singer/songwriters of the 60's.  I felt the shift from the composer/lyricist songs of my parents generation to this new sound, and saw it on the cover of "Tapestry" with Carole in jeans, long hair and no makeup.  No more pixie cuts and poses, the look was changing and so was the music, and the music was fantastic!  Carole King, James Taylor, Carly Simon, Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell and on and on, they were so connected to their songs because they wrote them and you could feel it - that was it for me and that's when I started writing.  I started playing guitar at 13 in highschool and piano in my later teens.  I've studied other artists charts to get the theory behind it - Paul McCartney, Cole Porter.  I've learnt a lot from listening to many great artists - Rickie Lee Jones, her vocal style and how she wraps it around that bassline, amazing Joni, those chords and her beautiful artistic vocals, Chaka Khan for that incredible instrument-like scatting, Nina Simone for that deeply felt emotional connection that she makes to the song....oh, I could just keep going. I spent my early adult life playing in the local pubs & restaurants of my home town Vancouver.  I was a two time finalist in the BCCMA talent search back in the day.  I'm now married with three kids and living in crescent beach, BC.  We have a music studio in our home where we all play, write & record.